Tuesday, 17 January 2012

No se puede vivir sin amar

I came across this piece of music:

No se puede vivir sin amar

The person who posted the piece describes it as follows:

Semi-improvised, based on bits I played while trying to come up with something better to enter. Title is taken from Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry.

The Firminist 2

Apologies to regular readers of 19th Hole for my absence over the last few months. This is due mainly to my involvement in several other projects. I intend to get back on track with all things Malc over the next couple of weeks.

The second edition of the Firminist hit the streets in late 2011. The magazine featured the following:

Michael Romer: Malcolm Lowry's Influence on Orcadian Filmmaker Margaret Tait
Colin Dilnot: Postcards from Malc
Julia Courtney: Einstein Asks the Time in Malcolm Lowry's Under The Volcano
Sherrill Grace Remembering David Markson (1927-2010)
Plus the editorial and crossword.

You can obtain copies from the edtitor Mark Goodall:

Big thanks to Mark, Helen Tookey, Bryan Biggs, Jonny Biggs and Rob carter for another excellent issue!

Update to Chris Ackerley's Under The Volcano Website

Chris's excellent Hypertextual Companion to Under the Volcano was upgraded as follows in late 2011:

The site, in particular Chapter I, was substantially revised and expanded. Further expansions are planned, incorporating Chris Ackerley's ongoing annotations of Lowry's other works and David Large's doctoral research on Lowry.

Chris also states:

The next phase for the site is set to coincide with the ongoing digitalisation of the UBC Special Collection archives. We plan to rewrite entries in light of the discoveries and comments of the EMiC Project, which includes new editions of "Swinging the Maelstrom", In Ballast to the White Sea and the 1940 Volcano.