Friday, 10 September 2010

Alberto Cavalcanti's En Rade Part 2

I still haven't been able to source the above movie which was included in the 1930 season 1930 at the Cambridge Film Guild frequented by Lowry whilst at University.

However, I can provide an update, in my previous post I had overlooked a Liverpool connection between Lowry and Cavalcanti. My friend Bryan Biggs, who curated Malc's Centenary Festival at the Bluecoat in Liverpool in 2009, has informed me that Cavalcanti was the Brazilian consulate in Liverpool in 1919/20.

I have also found a contemporary review of the film from 1927 in the N.Y. Times.

Another connection between Lowry and Cavalcanti, which I failed to mention is Michael Redgrave. Lowry was friends with Redgrave whilst at Cambridge. Cavalcanti directed Redgrave in the Ventriloquist's Dummy sequence of the film Dead of Night 1945.

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