Saturday, 30 October 2010

Semana de Muertos

While searching for material for posts on the Mexican Day of The Dead, I came across the above Second Life page.

I am particularly interested in working with Second Life as an artist. I am currently collaborating with a group of artists creating a virtual arcadia called Shang-Pool Arcadia.

The blogger Our Virtual Trilogy says:
A friend of mine, knowing that I have an interest in art, suggested that I visit the Instituto Espanol sim which had been decorated for the Semana de Muertos. The Instituto Espanol is a sim where avatars can take Spanish language classes. It has been constructed so that visitors can also learn about the culture of Mexico and includes a pyramid, a church, school rooms and market place. Some of the buildings can be used to display art, so during the Semana de Muertos artworks that are related to the Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) were being exhibited. As well, information on the Day of the Dead was provided.

Here are screenshots from the virtual exhibition:

The Semana de Muertos has ended now and all the decorations have been taken down. However,this is a lovely , colourful sim and an excellent place to be introduced to Mexican culture and the Spanish language. More information at Our Virtual Trilogy.

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