Monday, 1 November 2010

Opening Titles of John Huston's Under The Volcano Movie

Continuing with posts relating to The Day of The Dead - one of the best things about the Under The Volcano movie are the opening credits directed by actor/filmmaker Danny Huston, John Huston’s son.

From the dvd insert:

“Gripping imagery consisting of…chiariscuro in the style of Goya. [Director of Photography Gabriel] Figueroa…would use color to create, from the early images of Firmin’s [played by Albert Finney] nocturnal wanderings, an allegorical universe that mixes death (sugar-candy skulls and banes, laughing masks) and celebration (garish lanterns, garlands)…a night peopled by wild illusions…suffocating qualities…[the] poetic frenzy of an alcoholic.”

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