Saturday, 28 August 2010

Blow The Man Down

Recently, I have been doing considerable research on musical references in Lowry's work, in order to play some of the songs he mentions his work at a night called Lowry's Lounge on October 29th 2010.

One song that I will be playing is the above version of the sea shanty "Blow The Man Down" which Lowry refers to in his novel Ultramarine.

The above version was originally on a 1957 EP called 'The Singing Sailor', a collection of sea shanties by A L Lloyd. It is the only one by Harry H. Corbett on there. Most of the other tracks are available now though on a 2004 CDcalled 'Sailors Songs and Sea Shanties'. This particular track is also available on a CD called 'Blow The Man Down' released in 1993.

Thanks to Bryan Biggs for turning me onto this version.

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