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Conrad Veidt Where the lighthouse shines across the bay 1933

I will be resurrecting some draft posts over the next few days which have lay dormant for some time. I came across them as I have repaired/re-installed missing links on the blog.

The idea of one of Malc's favourite actors singing a song about a lighthouse was too good to miss!

Conrad Veidt sings the song in the English version of of "F.P.1" ("F.P.1 Doesn't Answer" in the US, and "Where the Lighthouse Shines Across the Bay" in Australia. There was also a German version called " F.P.1 Antwortet Nicht" with different actors as well as a French version - all directed by Karl Hartl.

F.P.1, or F.P.1 Doesn't Respond was the name of a novel written by noted science fiction and fantasy writer/director Curt Siodmak, best known as the creator of The Wolf Man.

Written after Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight, the plot concerned a permanent air station in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The German version was the last German film that either Siodmak or Peter Lorre, who played a secondary character, would make in Germany before the war. It premiered on 22 December 1932.
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(From the film "F.P.1" 1933.)
(Music by Allan Gray, [English] lyrics by Donovan Parsons.)

Where the lighthouse shines across the bay,
There's a cottage kissed by fume and spray,
Cheerful logs to warm the winter day are blazing.
List'ning to the breakers on the shore,
From a tiny cottage thatched with straw,
Stands a fair-haired lassie at the door star gazing.
Watching the dark clouds, dreading the gale,
Counting the days since her lover set sail.
Where the lighthouse shines across the bay,
Seagulls on the shore have heard her say:
"Come home, my love, come home, dear love, come home."

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