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R.S.V.P. 1926

RSVP at The Vaudeville is a a good revue. Letter to Carol Brown 3rd June 1926

The Vaudeville Theatre, which stands on the northern side of the Strand opened on the 23rd of February 1926 with a revue called 'R.S.V.P' by Archie de Bear. It is actually the Third Theatre on this same site since 1870, having been reconstructed three times over its long history.

The revue R.S.V.P., including Alice in Lumberland, 'a fantasy in three phases,' written by Archibald de Bear, with ballet and incidental music by Norman O'Neill, with additional scenes and lyrics by Reginald Arkell, was produced at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, on 23 February 1926. With dances arranged by J.W. Jackson and the ballet choreographed by Quentin Tod, with settings, costumes by Clifford Pember, the piece included a cast headed by Cyril Ritchard, Robert Hale, J.H. Roberts, Quentin Tod, Joyce Barbour, Mimi Crawford and Enid Stamp-Taylor. The number of performances is uncertain because of the General Strike, but is thought to be in the region of 294, closing on 6 November 1926.

Some of the revues included:

SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD (by Lewis Young and Ray Henderson) Cyril Richards with Mimi Crawford

MY BACHELOR DAYS (by Austin Melford and Melville Gideon)

WORSE-THAN-ANY-MARY (by Greatrex Newman). Cyril Richards played Hale Fellow Well Set in this parody of MERCENARY MARY, a "Hippodrome success".

ALICE IN LUMBERLAND by Archibald de Bear; Cyril Richards played Mr. Brown-Jones and the Mad Hatter to Mimi Crawford's Alice.

FAMILY BRIDGE (by J. H. Roberts and Greatrex Newman); Cyril Richards played the irascible Major Trevor.

HOW D'YOU DO? (by James Heard and Melville Gideon)

SENTIMENTAL ME (by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rogers) Cyril Richards with Mimi Crawford, J.H. Roberts and Joyce Barbour

HOUP-LA!, the finale which involved the entire company.

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