Sunday, 18 October 2009

German Films in Lowry's Letter To Clemens ten Holder October 1951

Clemens ten Holder translated Lowry's Under The Volcano into German. The translation was published in Germany in September 1951. Clemens ten Holder mentioned in a now lost letter about the translation that there may have been a possibility of turning the book into a film in Germany which greatly excited Lowry because of his admiration for German cinema.

Lowry wrote to ten Holder in October 1951 outlining his desires for the proposed film version. In the letter he mentions his favourite German films which are listed below:

Robert Weine Caligari 1919
E.A. Dupont Variete 1925
Arthur Robison Warning Shadows 1923
Henrik Galeen The Student Of Prague 1926
Joe May Heimkehr 1928
Frederick Murnau The Last Laugh 1924
Frederick Murnau Sunrise 1927
Karl Grune The Street 1923
Fritz Lang Destiny 1921

I intend to look at each of the films in the forthcoming months in a similar way to my posts on films shown as part of the Cambridge Film Guild Season 1929-30 whilst Lowry was at Cambridge University.

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