Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Find out more about the drink that permeates Lowry's Under The Volcano from beginning to end:

The famous rumours about mezcal didn’t start in the Aztec times (yup, it’s been known to be consumed since then!) but rather became famous due to the famed 1930’s novel by Malcolm Lowry on alcoholism called ‘Under the Volcano’. It described mezcal as capable of inducing gruesome hallucinations upon drinking, though this has never been proven. A lot of bad stuff is also said about mezcal because it is common for tourists to get fleeced in Mexico while buying a cheap bottle of mezcal, only to end up with a smelly and funny tasting drink that leaves one nasty hangover. However the most known “fact” about mezcal is the ‘Worm’. Today it’s impossible to separate mezcal from the worm image. Read more here

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