Sunday, 26 April 2009

New Brighton 1920's

New Brighton was not only where Lowry was born but was the place he returned to in his teenage years to have fun.

His novel Ultramarine has many references to New Brighton. Many of these references relate to his teenage romance with Tess Evans (Janet Travena in the novel) who lived in nearby Liscard. Lowry may have met Tess for the first time in New Brighton at one of the many dance halls, cinemas or theatres which existed in the town during the 1920's.

The above clip of film from a documentary on the history of New Brighton brings to life some of the places mentioned by Lowry in Ultramarine:

New Brighton Bank Holiday
Thousands of children at New Brighton, on a Bank Holiday, making for the sands with their pails and shovels.. Ultramarine Pg 43

New Brighton Palais de Danse
I shut my eyes and imagined that this was indeed Janet and I dancing at the New Brighton Palais De Danse. Ultramarine Pg 106

New Brighton Town Gardens (Tower Gardens)
The two figures, the girl with the brown eyes in the school blazer and white skirt. Janet Travena and her lover slowly walk through the afternoon sunlight. Halfway down the Town Gardens, he pauses to light his pipe. Ultramarine Pg 130

Also in the clip, during the sequence relating to Harrison Drive, you get a glimpse on the horizon of houses on the cliff above Warren Drive where Lowry was born.

The above clip is part of a longer documentary which you can view in segments on Youtube.

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