Monday, 1 March 2010

Chris Ackerley's Re-vamped Under The Volcano Website Now Live

I have recently heard from my good friend Chris Ackerley that his re-vamped website dedicated to Malcolm Lowry's Under The Volcano is now live.

Chris describes the website as follows:

This website, intended to be a widely available non-profit venture, complements the earlier A Companion to 'Under the Volcano' (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1984), co-authored with Lawrence J. Clipper, and my later "Plenty of Obscure Points": A Supplement to A Companion to 'Under the Volcano' (Malcolm Lowry Review 49 & 50 (Fall 2001 & Spring 2002)). Thanks in no small part to the generosity of UBC Press, the site contains the corrected text of both the Companion and Supplement, as well as a growing number of cross-links to complementary photographs, illustrations, annotations and tangential notes.

Chris's Companion to 'Under the Volcano' has been out of print for sometime which means the new website is a welcome resource for anyone who hasn't read the companion.

Chris explains the aims of the site:

The aim of these hypertext annotations is twofold: firstly, to offer the beginning reader of Under the Volcano a commentary, page by page and point by point, to find the information needed to clarify the many difficulties the text presents; secondly, to offer the more sophisticated reader a challenging consideration of those difficulties. In principle, then, each note is written to present the relevant facts clearly and concisely, before moving on to consider their wider application.

Please drop over to Chris's site which will make for a fascinating read!

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