Thursday, 5 May 2011

Postcards from Malc

I have been working on several new Lowry projects hence my neglect of the 19th Hole in the last month or so.

I would like to now share one of those projects - Postcards from Malc.

The idea behind the new blog is to create imaginary postcards based on Malc's life and writings. The selection has been purely random dipping into his novels, poems and letters, as well as the biographies for inspiration.


  1. These are brilliant! How did you go about collating this? It must have been a monumental task to match image to an appropriate piece of text.

  2. Hi Tony

    Thanks for your kind comment - I have been collating images relating to Lowry for some time. I hit on the idea of using postcards not long after I started the blog as there were sometimes the easiest way of obtaining images to illustrate posts.

    My method is to choose the text first which has reference to a place then go looking for an appropriate postcard. It can be frustrating as not everywhere Malc mentions has been illustrated by postcards - I could use other photos but that would get away from the essence of the conceit that Malc is posting postcards!