Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Six Brown Brothers Peter Gink

And later Grieg, and later still the six
Brown brothers, hot forerunners of the riffs.
Let the pun pass, remembering Peter Gink;
And so make way for Mr Peter Gaunt.
Peter Gaunt and the Canals - an extract from a poem by Malcom Lowry

Lowry is referring in the above poem to the track by the Six Brown Brothers called Peter Gink which is a humorous take on the Grieg classic Peer Gynt:

Other than a copycat act, the Six Brown Brothers were the only saxophone ensemble to make commercial records between 1911 and 1917, and they ushered in the "saxophone craze" that had the country entranced in the mid-1910s. From the group's start in 1908 playing in the Ringling Brothers' circus until their final breakup in 1933, the shifting personnel of the outfit always included leader Tom Brown and at least one of his five brothers. On records for U.S. Everlasting, Columbia, Victor, and Emerson, the Brown Brothers set feet a-tapping to their joyous sound and comical routine. Read more at Hungry Tiger Press

You can hear more of the band's music on a CD Those Moaning Saxophones. You can also hear most of their music on Internet Archive.

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