Saturday, 29 May 2010

Then He Took Up Golf

the course, plotted all over these plains, extending far beyond Tomalin, through the jungle, to the Farolito, the nineteenth hole...The Case Is Altered. Under The Volcano

The morning, I was looking something up on Chris Ackerley's wonderful on-line annotation of Under The Volcano. when I came across Chris's reference to the above mention of the nineteenth hole in Under The Volcano. Chris noted that Frank Crumit recorded a song called The Nineteenth Hole. I have searched everywhere but I have been unable to find Crumit's 1922 recording on Columbia.

However, I did find two other songs recorded by Crumit about golf called Then He Took Up Golf and Donald The Dub which will have to suffice until I find the Nineteenth Hole!

You can also read another feature on Frank Crumit on my blog here.

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