Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nordahl Grieg Reads 17th May 1940

While researching Lowry and Grieg, I came across this You Tube clip of Nordahl Grieg (centre in above photograph) reading his famous poem 17th May from NRKs broadcasting in Tromsø during the Norwegian independence day in 1940. At that stage in the war, the northern part of the country was still in Norwegian control:

The building from which the broadcast was transmitted is now a museum:

Kvaløyveien 450
Phone +47 77 61 52 89
Tromsø Broadcasting Station, operated 1936-1991, was the last broadcaster of free Norway in 1940. Collections of telegraphs, telephone equipment and switchboards from 1865 to the present day.
Opening times:
Wednesday: 10am-2pm.
Other days on request only, phone 77 67 02 04/77 63 63 47.
Admission free of charge

Grieg was also involved in the saving of Norway's gold from the Nazis - see the Gold War and Grieg

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