Monday, 17 January 2011

Q-Ship on Fox-Movietone

In my last post on Dark Journey 1937 which features Q-ships, I mentioned another movie featuring Q-ships made in 1928. There used to ba clip of this movie on You Tube but it has disappeared. Hoever, I did find this clip of film:

FOX-MOVIETONE NEWSREEL EXCERPTS 5 - National Archives and Records Administration - ARC Identifier 89123 / Local Identifier CBS-CBS-WWI-5 - Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. Fox-Movietone - Balloon observers. Balloons attacked. Intercuts of ground crew seen from balloon, looking down. Balloons shot down in flames; Zeppelin in flight, falling in flames; Exploits of the U-35. Sub making attacks on various ships; British armed merchantman (Q ship.) Crewmen pull back deck housing, reveal gun. Sub surrenders to Q ship when guns aimed.; Headline, Wilson Breaks With Germany; U.S. fleet steams out to sea

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