Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Hotel Normandie Los Angeles

Hotel Normandie has deep roots in LA's Wilshire District - developed in 1926 by famed Los Angeles architects Albert R. Walker and Percy A. Eisen.

The Walker & Eisen architectural duo produced many of Los Angeles' most iconic buildings during the 1920's and 30's including the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, United Theatre on Broadway and the Fine Arts Building. Hotel Normandie's façade was pure Renaissance Revival while the interiors held a distinct, Spanish colonial revival motif. Notable residents included English author Malcolm Lowry, who completed his pièce de résistance "Under the Volcano" here during the 30's, and Mrs. H.F. Bruner who famously prepared lavish turkey dinners each Sunday for just $1. Hotel Normandie

Lowry may not have completed Under The Volcano at the above hotel but he did work on an early draft there during his stay in LA in 1938-39 - read more here or see Gordon Bowker's Pursued By Furies Chapter X11.

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