Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Urban Renewal, Ghost Traps, Collage, Condos and Squats

In 1971, most of a squatter community on the Maplewood “intertidal” Mud Flats, near where Malcolm Lowry had written Under the Volcano, was burned to the ground by civic authorities, ostensibly to clear the way for private development. Squatting in the intertidal zone is as old as Vancouver and is an important part of the history of the city. (Finn Slough on the Fraser River is a squatting community still present in 2005; it was established in the 1890s.) Intertidal squats have been established and last largely due to the ambiguity of jurisdiction over the intertidal area. Urban Renewal, Ghost Traps, Collage, Condos and Squats by Scott Watson

Read the above about the 1960s and 1970s  Vancouver art scene

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