Saturday, 16 May 2009

Buster Keaton & The Ukulele

I came across the above video while researching 1920's and 1930's ukulele material. This classic jazz tune is performed by Tommy Mattiniero. The clip contains footage from Buster Keaton's "The College" (1927). This got me wondering whether Malc said anything about Buster. I discovered from a letter to Carol Brown, a friend from Caldy, that he had seen Buster's Go West in Cambridge while at the Leys, but though he enjoyed Brown Eyes the cow in the film, Lowry was not that impressed. Though I had to smile a the clip of Buster below which not only has a ukulele connection but the film is set in Mexico.

Buster Keaton attempts to serenade a senorita and discovers it's more trouble than it's worth. From the Columbia short "Pest from the West", 1939. It was produced by Jules White, the man behind the Three Stooges.

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