Friday, 8 May 2009

David Markson Interview

Read an interview with David Markson a friend of Lowry as well as one of the earliest commentators on Lowry's work.

Interview with David Markson by Dermot McEvoy -- Publishers Weekly, 3/1/2004

As PW treks to David Markson's place in Greenwich Village, the thought occurs that the apartment is almost equally distant from two of the great New York literary saloons of the last half-century—the White Horse, still happily alive over on Hudson Street, and the late, lamented Lion's Head, which lived a couple of blocks east on Christopher Street. Both bars have rich literary histories: the legend says that Dylan Thomas drank himself to death at the White Horse—he actually died at close-by St. Vincent's Hospital days later—and the Lion's Head was home to several generations of writers from Norman Mailer and Frederick Exley to Frank McCourt. But one of the lucky few who was in both places at the precise serendipitous time was Markson, author of Vanishing Point, just published by Shoemaker & Hoard.
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Check out a short piece of video of Markson talking about Lowry:

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