Monday, 25 May 2009

Work In Progress

Tonight, I was musing about work in progress on the blog while I walked on New Brighton beach after the crowds drawn by the warmest day of this year had dispersed. I decided as I reached the 100th post to note what I have planned:

Work In Progress

The Voyage That Never Ends - The ships Lowry sailed on and the ports he visited

Interview with Bryan Biggs Artistic Director Bluecoat on Lowry's Centenary Festival in Liverpool

Cambridge Film Guild Season 1929-30 - complete the list of films

Vancouver Film Club - review all the films seen by Lowry circa 1949/50 in style of Cambridge Film Guild posts

In Lowry's Footsteps - a collection of close-up shots of places near the River Mersey promenades featured in Ultramarine

Lowry's Theatres/Cinemas on Wirral

A second Malc's Jazz Mix

More art inspired by Lowry

Please keep dropping in as I have many more posts lined-up and thanks for everyone's support and feedback.

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