Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Drunken Tribute From Malc

Undated. An unaddressed tribute apparently paying compliment to the son (daughter?) of the writer of "The Lonely Faun," Reginald Redman, a noted jazz composer. Signed "Malcolm Lowry" on verso and "Malcolm (not Michael) Lowry" on the front. In addition to the other text, on each side Lowry has written the fragment "green ties among the supervisor's candles blues." Lowry's tribute, presumably never sent, was apparently written in a drunken state, as might be expected, and he repeats his sentiments, and self-doubts, several times for emphasis, in commenting on the recipient's volume (or writing) "Thought." "Let me pay my small alcoholic tribute. At any rate The Lonely Faun is wunderbar and Thought is - is - is - one of the huge fragilities before which comment is disgusting." 7" x 9". Folded in half, with prominent drink stain; very good. A revealing glimpse of the author's urgent, and self-critical, perception and commentary. Manuscript material by Lowry, the author of the classic Under the Volcano, is exceedingly rare. ILAB

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