Thursday, 21 May 2009

Under The Volcano New York

Here's another bar inspired by Lowry's Under the Volcano in New York:

You don’t have to have read Malcolm Lowry’s novel of the same name to appreciate this Mexican-inspired neighborhood hangout. But you do have to like crowds. This would be a perfect after-work spot in a relatively barren area, if everyone else didn’t think the same thing. Under the Volcano is always packed to the hilt with music blaring too loudly for the decent literary conversation the brown leather, golden-lit venue begs for. But if you can squeeze through to the bar, the impressive stock of top-shelf tequilas and over 20 beers will make you feel at casa in no time. The crowd is mixed like its neighbor (with the same owners), The Ginger Man; buttoned-up after-work suits mix with lit hipsters and frat guys. But by the end of the night and a few shots of tequila, they all look the same.

Under The Volcano
12 E. 36th St.
(5th & Madison Aves.)
Murray Hill

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