Monday, 18 May 2009

Original Memphis Five

The Original Memphis Five were one of Malc's favourite combos consisting of Frank Signorelli, Phil Napoleon, Jimmy Lytell, Charlie Parnelli, Jack Roth.

The Original Memphis Five was founded in 1917 by Phil Napoleon and Frank Signorelli after playing in dance bands together at Coney Island in New York. They were one of the most prolific of the early White Jazz bands. Their first record was actually released as an Original Dixieland Jazz Band record with the blessing of Nick La Rocca. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band had just broken up after La Rocca's nervous breakdown in 1922. Frank Signorelli was the only member of the Original Memphis Five who had been in the Original Dixieland Jazz Band.They recorded under a variety of other names including Ladd's Black Aces, Jazzbo's Carolina Serenaders, Bailey's Lucky Seven, The Southland Six and The Cotton Pickers. Red Nichols, Miff Mole, and Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey also played in the band from time to time. None of the band members were from Memphis or even the south. The band was named after W.C. Handy's song Memphis Blues.

Enjoy the short mix of the Original Memphis Five cuts above.


1. Blues Serenade
2. Bass Ale Blues
3. Fireworks
4. Ivy
5. Kansas City Kitty
6. Lonesome Mama Blues
7. Meanest Blues

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