Saturday, 4 December 2010


Just come across this on Screenpunk's Flickr:

I had to think about Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano when i saw this Shell truck refilling a servicestations petrol tank

hell .. hell .. hell
.. after Lowry lost the manuscript to Under the Volcano in the fire at his shack at Dollarton, he was left that night with nothing to do but to stare disconsolately across the Fraser River at the Shell Oil refinery on the other side of the water. But the letter S had burnt out from the flashing giant Shell sign. So that all Lowry could see flashing at him in the darkness from across the river were the repeating red letters: 'hell' ... 'hell' ... 'hell'. (quote from Malcolm Lowry @ The 19th Hole)

Why Shell
An interesting question is what a Shell truck is doing on Iceland. Providing petrol for cars and motors of course. But doesnt that sound odd considering that Iceland is in a way one big energy plant?

Self providing?
Iceland is fully self providing in household and business needs for electricity. Its abundance of energy resources is even positioning Iceland as one the biggest aluminium smelters in the world. But ai .. cars dont ride on hydrogeothermal electricity (yet) .. so they need foreign companies to provide the oil to make the motor run.

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