Monday, 6 December 2010

Ultramarine Publishing Company

The other day, I found this interesting snippet on a blog called Riverrun Bookshop:

But why did he call it Ultramarine Publishing Company?

"I named it for Malcolm Lowry's book, Ultramarine," Chris says. Ultramarine was published in 1933 by Jonathan Cape Publisher in London. "The book didn't sell well. Copies were stored in a London warehouse but like everything else in London, the warehouse was bombed during the war. The books burned. "Then serious interest in Lowry developed later and Ultramarine became a legendary rarity. Always very hard to find." So many books from Chris' Sixties catalogue were being remaindered. He saw Ultramarine as a way to save them. Save them from bombs and fire and book-grinding machines. "Deserving books should stay in print," says Chris.

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