Monday, 6 December 2010

Writer Jorge Martinez exhibited in Liverpool in 2009

I found this on the Universidad de Playa Ancha website:


Noted writer and academic of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Playa Ancha, Jorge Martínez García, had the privilege of participating in the exhibition "Under the Volcano"in honor of the centenary of the birth of poet and novelist Malcolm Lowry, an activity which held from September 25 to November 22 The national artist presented "Under the Volcano and other works: graphic interpretations of Malcolm Lowry Literature, "a play, which began in January 2006 - which is based on thirty images that arise as a form of interpretation of the works the poet. This will amount to exponents of Latin American and the United Kingdom to share the admiration for the work of Lowry. After the exposure, the neo-Baroque painter well-developed a series of lectures at universities in Britain and Canada.

You can read a thorough article by the Bluecoat's Artistic Director Bryan Biggs about the exhibition, which was staged to celebrate Malc's centenary, in the first edition of The Firminist magazine.

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