Sunday, 19 July 2009

Abram Room The Ghost That Never Returns 1929

I have nearly completed my review of the 1929/30 season at the Cambridge Film Guild.

It took me some time to track down a copy of Abram Room's The Ghost That Never Returns. You can find copies on French Amazon.

Jose Real is a worker at an oil-well who is sent to prison in an unspecified Latin American country for his revolutionary ideas. Because of his charisma and political beliefs, he becomes very popular among the prisoners, while attracting the negative attention of the authorities. The latter decide to elimante him, but with the help of his comrades he will overcome all obstacles in the end. Very strong cinematography, rapid montage and moving story based on a story by Henri Barbusse make for an exciting movie. It´s not a completely silent movie, there is a spoken word every now and then, accompanied by intertitles. OSA. Also check out DinaView for more information.

There is little information in English on the Net for Abram Room. The OSA site has the most information on his films

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