Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Imágenes de México Hugo Brehme 1882 -1945

Here is a wonderful selection of images of Mexico photographed by Hugo Brehme.

Brehme was a major early twentieth century Mexican photographer, who studied his art in his native Germany. Around the turn of the century he began publishing photographs of both Germany and North Africa. Several years later he traveled through parts of South America, Guatemala and Salvador. He first arrived in Mexico in 1905. As early as 1912, Brehme established a studio in Mexico City.

During the following years, Brehme's photographs of Mexico became known worldwide, particularly his black and white and sepia toned postcards and through the publication of his books. His larger and more valuable photographs were sometimes hand tinted in colors and signed by him in pencil. Below is his hand tinted photograph of the volcano Popocatepetl circa 1920.

Hugo Brehme's famous books include, Mexico Pintoresco (1923), Picturesque Mexico (1925) and Pueblos y Paisajes de Mexico (1932).

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