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Malcolm Lowry Born 28th July 1909

On Thursday 29th July, the births columns in the Liverpool Echo announced: ‘LOWRY – July 28th, at Warren Crest, North-drive, New Brighton, to Mr and Mrs Arthur Lowry, a son’

Malcolm Lowry was born 100 years ago today. In celebration of his birth, I have decided to produce at a timeline through the year 1909 in the New Brighton/Wallasey area where he was born, a short slide show to illustrate the timeline accompanied by a Bix Beiderbecke track called Oh, You Have No Idea.

Below is an aerial photograph of New Brighton taken in August 1920. You can see North Drive near New Brighton Presbyterian Church almost central in the photograph.

New Brighton/Wallasey Timeline 1909

January 1909

Emmanuel Church Seabank Road New Brighton completed
Foundation stone for New Brighton Presbyterian Church laid
New Roman Catholic School opened in Mill Lane, Wallasey
Quarry between Rake Lane and Withens Lane New Brighton purchased as an open space
Wallasey Municipal Golf Course opened in Harrison Park
Wallasey Wesleyan Church foundation stone laid

Dominion liner Ottoman crashed into Seacombe landing stage

Funeral of Wallasey hermit Frederick Krueger

Princess Louise and the Duke of Argyll visited the Navy League Homes, Withens Lane, Liscard

Gaelic went ashore off Egremont

The Irving Theatre, Borough Road Seacombe, which had been closed for nine months due to fire, re-opens as the King's Theatre
Wallasey High School for Girls opens in Mount Pleasant Road

Wallasey Earlston Central Library opens
All Saints Church opens in Hoseside Road, Wallasey

Bix Beiderbecke Oh, You Have No Idea

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