Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Raisin' The Roof Last Night @ The Bluecoat

No - we didn't go that mad celebrating Lowry's birthday at The Bluecoat last night! However, it was an enjoyable evening with the Bluecoat's Artistic Director Bryan Biggs making us most welcome.

Bryan opened the evening with a short briefing on the forthcoming festival to celebrate Lowry's Centenary. Bryan was followed by Helen Tookey, who is co-editing the new book on Lowry with Bryan called Malcolm Lowry: From the Mersey to the world. Helen then invited me to give the guests a quick tour around the 19th Hole blog to give people chance to see what I have posted and where I am going with the blog.

We then toasted Malc's 100th followed by an evening of listening to Malc's jazz heroes while we chatted and drank.

The above track features one of Lowry's primary jazz heroes Frankie Trumbauer on the track Raisin' The Roof with: Bix Beiderbecke, Andy Secrest, c / Bill Rank, tb / Chester Hazlett, as / Irving "Izzy" Friedman, cl, ts / Min Leibrook, bsx / Matty Malneck, vn / Lennie Hayton, p / Snoozer Quinn, g / Stan King, d. New York, March 9, 1929.

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  1. I just discovered "Raisin' the Roof" this week and it knocked my socks off! Bix and Tram do swing!

    It's hard to believe that this track was recorded early in 1929. The style is more mid-1930s swing. I love the interplay between the woodwinds and the horns in the final choruses. Tram is great and as always so is Bix, but I was especially taken with the laid-back "back beat" sound of this song. It makes us wonder what Bix and Tram might have done together in the next decades if they'd had that opportunity.

    A lot of credit seems to belong to the rhythm section, which is a different lineup altogether from the well-known 1927 recordings.

    Does anyone know how this song and its flip side, Futuristic Rhythm, came to be recorded?