Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wibbly Wobbly Walk

I have just received a message from my friend Mark Goodall from Bradford University, and a fellow contributor to the new book Malcolm Lowry: From the Mersey to the world, on his return from the Lowry conference in Canada at UBC.


Thanks to everyone for a great conference.

Please all raise another glass to Lowry on this day and then do the 'Wibberly Wobbly Walk'

Best wishes,

Mark sent a link to video of the musical hall song by Fred Elliot released on the Scala label in 1913. (August 2011: Unfortunately, this was removed - I have now replaced it with Bert Courtney's version).

This song was sung by the Lowry brothers at their boarding school The Leys in Cambridge to escape the excesses of the ritual initiation ceremonies for new starters at the school. Malcolm Lowry referred to the song in Under The Volcano when his character Jacques Laruelle recalls the song.

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