Thursday, 23 July 2009

Marcelo Texeira's On the Way to the Volcano

The Malcolm Lowry Foundation has announced the publication of the above book:

As part of the celebration of the Lowry’s centenary the next July 17th, in Lisbon, Portugal, a new book will be presented: On the Way to the Volcano by our friend Marcelo Texeira, with illustrations by the mexican painter Terumi Moriyama and a prologue by Urbano Tavares Rodriguez. The book has been published by Edições Porta do Cavalo in Porguguese and Spanish and deals about a fictitious encounter between Fernando Pessoa and Malcolm Lowry while the author of Under the Volcano was in Lisbon on May 30th 1933 on board of the Strahaird. The english writer was on his way to England after a vacation in Granada where he met Jan Gabrial, the young American journalist that in that encounter was unkind to the romantic Malcolm Lowry. The book will be presented by the Mexican writer Antonio Sarabia, who lives in Lisbon since several years now, the theatrical group called Passagem de Nível will recite some poems by Pessoa and Lowry and the pianist Jaime Oliveira will play some pieces. There will also be a petit celebration with mezcal del Consul and “Ginjinha Pessoana.”

On the Way to the Volcano, in the Mexican edition, will be published by Editorial La Rana del Sur, and will be presented on the Lowry One Hundred Years Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on July 27th, 2009 10 pm Auditorio de Alfornelos, Amadora. You are invited.

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