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Andrzej Brakoniecki's Series 'Eridanus' and 'Malcolm Lowry'

Eridanus, the name given by Malcolm Lowry to his West Coast surroundings, refers to both the stellar constellation and mythical river to which Faeton was cast down by gods. Eridanus, in Brakoniecki`s works, becomes a place where a magnificent nature and idiosyncratic human existence meet. It is a place that inspires artistic vision....

...Brakoniecki constructs his visual world from elements that are close at hand. In contrast to some monothematic approaches, his art grows out of fascination, never obsession. Obsession is an imprisonment of one idea or emotion, while fascination always struggles for the fullness of artistic experience, often capricious and unexpected. His iconography grows slowly. The same elements undergo numerous compositional generations, with every new work bringing different emotional messages. The two-coloured side of a tanker becomes a loving leitmotif, painstakingly repeated in succeeding colouristic episodes. In one of the smaller works, the realistic forms of ships "explode". Placed vertically, they become a stretch of colour, holding together the internal tensions of the composition....
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Andrzej Brakoniecki has worked for over twenty years as an painter and an printmaker.

He is an expressive artist, whose vivid work transforms the visible world, human emotions and historical references into a pictorial compositions.

Brakoniecki was born in 1955 in Olsztyn, Poland. Since 1981 he lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

He studied painting at College of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland and classical animation at Vancouver Film School. See website

Update 29 July 2011

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