Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Louis Trimble Nothing To Lose But My Life

This made me smile!!:

Malcolm Lowry returns to Puerto Bello, California after five years in Mexico. He ‘s out for revenge against his friend Nikke. Lowry thinks he set him when he asked him to defend a friend. The trial blew up in Lowry’s face and he’s disbarred. He lost fifty thousand dollars by investing with Colonel John Hoop. Lowry figures it was a crooked deal. Worst of all his wife Jen was killed in a car accident he feels was a set up.

Now he’s back with a whole new look and a new name. It doesn’t take long for everyone to find out who he really is. Nikke runs gambling clubs and is in with the Syndicate. During his efforts to get payback he’s drawn into being accused of murder and is wanted by the Syndicate and the cops.

This is a lot of action but it all means something. It’s an easy book to get caught up in. If you like the crime novels of the 50′s, this Ace Double is one of their better publications.

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  1. Looks like a forgotten literary classic. Wonder what Malcolm would have made of it!