Thursday, 7 July 2011

Margerie Lowry in the movies Part 1

There is very little biographical information available about Margerie Bonner, Malc's second wife, before she met Malc in 1938 except what has been published in Day's and Bowker's biographies of Malc. Both biographers give scant details of her career as an actress in Hollywood. The most detailed discussion of Margerie's film career is Anthony Slide's Chapter Malcolm Lowry's Silent Film Connection: Margerie Bonner in Silent Topics: Essays on undocumented areas of silent film which was first published in an abbreviated version in the Malcolm Lowry Review, Fall 1991/Spring 1992. I recently checked the IMBd website and discovered that she is appeared in twenty films which is the most detailed list of her movie career to date:

Reno 1923
Daughters of Today 1924
High and Handsome 1925
The Ancient Highway 1925
Broadway Lady 1925
Secret Orders 1926
Riding Romance 1926
Rapid Fire Romance 1926
Paying The Price 1927
King of Kings 1927
Poor Girls 1927
The Four-Footed-Ranger 1928
A Made-to-Order-Hero 1928
Trail of Courage 1928
Sinner's Parade 1928
A Rider of the Sierras (short)1929
Dangerous Days (short) 1929
The Sign of the Cross 1932
The Film Parade 1933
Cleopatra 1934

I intend on looking at each of the films in detail over a series of posts:

Reno 1923

Directed by Rupert Hughes

Margerie played Marjory Towne in the film.

Roy Tappan obtains a divorce from Emily, his second wife, and marries Dora Carson, who has just divorced her husband. Emily, left penniless with two children, marries Walter Heath, a former suitor. She then discovers that she cannot live with her new husband because the divorce is not legal in her home state. Tappan and his new wife soon run out of money, each having thought the other was wealthy. His aunt promises to support him in exchange for his two children. He kidnaps the children and hides them from Emily in his aunt's home. After Emily and Walter find them, they go to Yellowstone Park, where they are considered legally married. Tappan follows and is killed after a fight with Walter when a boiling geyser throws him into the air and drops him onto the rocks below. TCM

Daughters of Today (1924)

Directed by Rollin S. Sturgeon

Margerie plays Maisie in the film

Country girl Mabel Vandegrift enrolls in a fashionable city college and there she joins a fast-moving crowd. During a houseparty Reggy Adams tries to force his attentions on her, but she escapes. Later, when he is found dead, she is accused of murdering him. Her country sweetheart, Peter Farnham, solves the mystery, and all ends happily. IMDb

High and Handsome (1925)

Margerie played Myrt Riley in the film. I couldn't find a synopsis.

I will return to Margerie's movies in the future

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