Monday, 11 July 2011

Margerie Lowry in the movies Part 5

The 5th post on Marg's film career is about what can now be seen an ironic tale of alcohol abuse made in the year that her future husband Malc was setting off for the Orient aboard the Pyrrhus from Birkenhead. This was the only film she made with her sister Priscilla. You can read more about the sisters in Anthony Slides's book Silent Topics.

Paying The Price 1927

Director: David Selman; Writer: Dorothy Howell; Stars: Margerie with her sister Priscilla Bonner and John Miljan

This minor Columbia effort is a cautionary fable against alcohol abuse. Despite the efforts of a pious minister, two pretty sisters -- played by real-life siblings Marjorie and Priscilla Bonner (seen above) are led astray by city slicker John Miljan. Hoping to have his way with the girls, the villain invites them to a party and spikes their lemonade. The girls' outraged father kills the rapacious Miljan but manages to cover his tracks at the murder scene. Things take a sorry turn when an innocent young man is placed on trial for the murder -- and the girls' father is selected to serve on the jury! ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

It was during this time that the two sisters joined "The Thalians" as can be read in the snippet below from Photoplay:

Read more about the hostess of "The Thalians" Jobanya Ralston here

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